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Final Project Reflection

I got started by thinking of something that was very numerous and something I knew a lot about and could expand on. I didn't face too many problems, but my footer was challenging at times, as well as formatting the pictures and uploading them to X-10. Thinking of interesting things to say about each beach was also troubling at some points and I needed to do a lot of research on each beach. I think that my slideshows, headers, bullet lists, and columns are a good reflection of what I have learned, as well as embedding the maps and the sizing of the container and pictures. I am very proud of my website, I think it all came together very nicely and looks clean. I had a lot of fun developing the website and making everything seamless and just how I would like it to be. I think I have come a long way making a website as far as understanding the codes and learning how to fix and make everything how I want it.

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